"However rich the details that make (Slesnick's) work endlessly fascinating may be, and however profound their implications, the initial impression they make would be enough: the merest glance at (Slesnick's newest work) is stunning, as...lush tropical colors and tight composition explode in a vivid, cohesive, unforgettable visual statement."  Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal


          Rural Georgia and South Carolina; Philadelphia




Thrift Shop


Fresh Donuts


Alanna's Bedroom


Portrait in Red Dress


Dr. Willie Todd's Mother


Mr. Lancaster's Bedroom


Mrs. Young's Sitting Room



Spencer Mallory's Chair


Camac Food Market



Mrs. Jaudon's Bathroom






Fireplace (Guyton, GA)



The Drag Queen


Mrs. Beattie's Living Room


Mrs. Robinson's Bathroom


Mrs. Mingledorff's Bedroom


Mrs. Jones' Living Room


The RCA Victor




The Carlson Twins

Karen (Savannah, Georgia)

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