"Tensions ricochet through (Slesnick's newest) images -- anxiety as one waits for a crucial revelation, the absent individual about to enter a space that already has endured countless such moments...They charge the images with energy, but in the end the internal tensions only add depth and intriguing dimensions to the works' overt brilliance....Slesnick, a master technician who processes his own proofs and works in limited editions, is above all concerned with the sheer beauty of his prints, and it shows in his spectacular collection of recent color images."  Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal



* Batman


Jesus and the Calendar Girl


Conserve Your Credit


Sarah Rosado's Bedroom


The Wedding Photo


Teresa Pacheco


Under the Watchful Eyes of Mary


Bill Does Mexico


La Abuela (The Grandmother)


Julia Chan Cruz (and her 6-week old Baby Jesus)



The Hammock






The Spinster Sisters' Desk



The Spinster Sisters' Piano


Brother and Sister at Christmas Time


Gloria Godoy's Dining Room





* The Blue Kitchen


The Shrine in Aurora Lopez' Living Room


Aurora Lopez (Working in Her Kitchen)



Jesus and the Hologram


* The Shrine in Sarah Rosado's Bedroom


The Christmas Tree


The Barber


** The Mexican Psychiatrist


* First Communion


* La Silla (The Chair)


** Secreto de Amor (Secret of Love)


* Filomena Soberanis


** Aurora's Dresses


* Gabriella


* The Philco


** Barber Shop (Motúl, Mexico)


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   All titles on this page are available as original, limited edition photographs. Click here for description of process


* Images with a red asterisk are also available in the Signature Series


* Images with a blue asterisk are also available in the Grande Series


   For additional information on both series, please see Purchase Information page.



All images are © Les Slesnick. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


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